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Burdens As Blessings: Navigating Eldercare At Home

Coming in Fall 2015, the second expanded edition of Burdens As Blessings: Navigating Eldercare At Home.


The decision was made to keep your aging and ill parent(s) at home. This may be the parents’ home or your home; the deterioration may be gradual or rapid if caused by a medical crisis. You are working, caring for your family and home plus caring for your parent and a home that is gradually becoming a nursing home. A fall or medical crisis renders your parent non-ambulatory and the game immediately changes. At discharge, the hospital social worker provides the obligatory brochures regarding available fee based services.

Now what? It is the realization that literally sends a chill down your spine, forms a small sweat moustache and the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. The care is all up to you; either alone or with family or paid caregivers. The situation seems overwhelming. It can be, it will be at times, but it doesn’t have to be all the time. When the home has turned into a nursing home, where does that fit into the master care plan?

Knowledge is power and you need to know the game to play the game when navigating the intricacies of providing in home care. Research resources are included along with reality based suggestions to increase the parents’ quality of life and increase your knowledge to be the best patient advocate and caregiver.